Harrison Public Schools will be insuring the school-owned devices. Parents/Guardians must purchase a nonrefundable annual insurance policy with a premium of $25.00 before taking possession of the school-owned Chromebook. Your annual premium of $25 covers the cost of repair and replacement parts (keys, case, keyboard, palm rest, touchpad assembly, screen) up to the complete loss of original device only.  A replacement Chromebook will be issued, if available, while repairs are being made. In the event of an irreparably damaged, stolen/lost INSURED Chromebook, the student will be charged a $25.00 replacement fee to receive another Chromebook, otherwise the fee is total replacement cost. If a student and/or family is unable to pay the premium he or she must contact the HHS administration in order to discuss the unique situation. Chargers and other accessories are NOT covered by insurance.  Chargers must be replaced with the same Lenovo part number. Charger replacement cost is $25.00.

    Students/Guardians/Teachers are not authorized to attempt repairs themselves or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the Chromebook.  Intentional damage will be considered vandalism. In this case, full repair or replacement cost of the Chromebook will be charged and further disciplinary action may be taken. Insurance will not cover damage caused by removing the battery or opening the device in attempt to repair it.


    Loss, theft or damage beyond repair of the property must be reported to the Principal’s office by the next school day after the occurrence. In case of theft, vandalism or other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed by the student or parent within 48 hours of the occurrence and a copy of the police report must be brought to the school by the next school day. Students/Parents are reminded that the act of filing a false police report is a felony. If an insured Chromebook is stolen and the student reports the theft (by the next school day) and a police report is filed, then the student will be charged $25 fee to receive a replacement Chromebook. Non-insured chromebooks require a total replacement cost fee.


    The Chromebook will be checked out in much the same fashion as a library book using scanned barcodes according to Chromebook serial number. The student is responsible for all equipment checked out in his/her name. Therefore, students are not to exchange Chromebooks, batteries, or power adapters.  At the conclusion of each school year, students will be required to check in their Chromebook and they will be inspected by the technology department at this time. Students will be expected to check in the same serial numbered equipment as originally checked out unless replacement equipment has been issued by the technology department.