Parent & Family Engagement Plan

  •  HMS Parent and Family Engagement Plan 20-21


    The development and execution of this plan will be a joint effort consisting of a committee of parents, teachers, and community. This will be a living document and subject to review, revision, and coordination each school year. We created a Parent Feedback Form to receive input from parents on what they need from the school and how the school can best serve those needs. This input is considered in this plan’s development. In the fall and spring, the plan is evaluated by the committee. Requests for additional meetings or additions to the plan itself made me made via email to Shelley Dirst at


    The annual Title I Meeting will be held in October of each year. This year, we will plan to offer the Title I Meeting so that families may view it online and view the posted recording. The purpose of this meeting is to inform parents of the school's participation in the Title I program, of the parents' rights under Title I, and to distribute copies of the complete Parent and Family Engagement Plan.


    Parents must sign acknowledging receipt of the  Student/Parent Handbook, which includes the parent and family engagement plan summary in addition to other important information.

    The HMS Parent Guide is posted and updated each year. It includes recommended roles for parents, ways to get involved, and resources for supporting children in school. 

    Volunteering at HMS--- Parents will be offered a chance to volunteer in numerous ways to get involved with their child's education.  Normally, parents and family members can volunteer to assist with special events, speak to classes, work in the classroom, share an area of expertise, or even co-teach a lesson. This year, since parents are not allowed in the building, some of these options will not be available. 

    • PTA Sign Ups: We have an active PTA organization that shares regular opportunities to volunteer and keeps a Volunteer Resource Book.  PTA meetings will be held online.
    • Classroom Volunteer Surveys. At the 5th and 6th grade level, teams invite parents to contribute to class parties, special events, and to assist in other ways. Parents may contact the homeroom teacher for details.
    • Online Volunteer Form. Parents may complete this Volunteer Form to get involved. 
    • Volunteer Guide: (see document now in HMS Parent Guide)

    Ongoing Communication---

    • Video/digital messages are sent out through Remind and social media and housed on the website. This includes school-level and classroom-level text messages via Remind and HMS accounts on Twitter @HMSGoblins and Instagram @HMSGoblins1
    • Phone calls and emails from teachers are a primary means of communication
    • Home Access Center (HAC) is available for you to view student grades, coursework, and more. Call the counselor’s office for login information. 
    • Parents may communicate a concern to teachers or to arrange a meeting (See Student/Parent Handbook Section 2.20 for recommended process.)

    Curriculum, Learning Expectations, and Assessments --- HMS will provide assistance to parents in understanding these topics, and short tutorials on these topics will be posted on the Parent Section of the HMS Website. As outlined in the Learning Compact, the school will inform parents about course offerings at HMS, the academic standards for these courses, course objectives, and curriculum used. 

    • On the HMS website, the staff directory contains links to teacher web pages containing course information, specific objectives, and lesson plans. 
    • Progress reports and report cards are sent home each quarter. 
    • STAR reports for Reading and Math are sent home twice per year, indicating whether the student is making progress toward meeting established benchmarks, reporting the student’s Independent Reading Level, and reporting the student’s national percentile rank. 
    • Parents of students with IEPs and RTI Plans will have access to individual learning plans and will receive regular information from SPED and RTI staff.
    • Each Spring, parents of rising 7th and 8th grade students will meet/communicate in SSP (Student Success Plan) conferences to select courses from the SSP Booklet for the upcoming year. Parents can pre-register students using the Home Access Center.
    • Parents of 7th and 8th grade students may sign up as an observer in their child’s Canvas account and may download the Canvas app in order to view classwork.
    • The Parent section of our website will share information on Title I, strategies for supporting children's academic progress, resources from DESE's Family and Community Engagement Toolkit, and tips on preparing for teacher conferences. 

    Parent Conferences -- Parent Conferences -- HMS will provide at least two opportunities for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the child's academic progress and address questions and concerns. All parents are encouraged to meet with their child’s teachers. Conferences are scheduled for October 22 and February 4. Parents will be notified that they may schedule a time for a private online meeting. 

    Parent Involvement Meetings are scheduled throughout the year to share information, gather feedback, and coordinate events. 

    Parent/School Compact As outlined in the Parent / School Learning Compact, parents and family will be expected and encouraged to support the child and the school community. Agreements include sending children to school on time, appropriately dressed, rested, and prepared to learn; promoting perfect attendance; providing study time and a quiet place for reading and homework; attending conferences, etc. Parents will be encouraged to work interactively with the child, to stay informed about homework expectations and deadlines, and to communicate an expectation that their child will succeed.

    HMS is, and has been, firmly committed to engaging the parent as a partner in education by providing meaningful roles in the school and providing and exchanging information that will promote academic growth in the student.