Photos: HERO Camp for Special Olympics Track

  • MARCH 11, 2020 — With just over three weeks remaining until F.S. Garrison Stadium hosts a regional Track & Field Competition for Special Olympics Arkansas, Harrison School District students on Wednesday prepared for the event with a student-led training session.


    The disrict's Special Olympics team participated in its third and final HERO Camp of the 2019-20 school year, as varsity athletes and volunteers guided them through a variety of activities designed to boost their skills and confidence ahead of the Area 2 regional event on April 3. Schools from six northwest Arkansas counties will travel to Harrison for a day of friendly competition and fellowship, and top performers will qualify for the state meet later this year.


    Athletes can join Harrison’s Special Olympics team on their eighth birthday and remain eligible for school-age competitions until they turn 21. Students from the elementary, middle and high schools all participated in Wednesday’s HERO Camp, practicing their running, jumping and shotput skills. Check out a photo gallery above!


    After a HERO Camp was held before a bowling event last fall, 19 Harrison athletes qualified for the state competition. Eleven of them later received state awards, including one who finished in first place. Another camp was held in January prior to the regional basketball event, during which 21 Harrison students placed first.