What is PBIS?

  • Harrison Middle School is using PBIS Rewards to help teach students respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors. Our students can earn rewards throughout the month by meeting our behavior expectations.


    To earn these rewards, students earn points daily by exhibiting respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors in all classes.  HMS is having a school store this year in place of Golden Goblin Day. This school store will have items of high interest to students. Students will be notified in advance of items in the store and the number of PBIS points required to “buy” these items. You can learn about PBIS Rewards at their website, pbisrewards.com.

    PBIS Rewards has a Parent App that will give you some insight into how your child is doing with respect to our PBIS program. The Parent App will run on most smart devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can find it in the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. Just search for "PBIS Rewards Parent."

    Once you have installed the app, you will scan a QR Code.  The QR code is unique per child and will be sent home at a later date.  You will have to confirm your relationship to the student by certifying that you are a parent or guardian. Once you have done this you will be able to see your child’s progress with PBIS Rewards.

    We encourage you to talk with your student about what they must do to be successful with PBIS Rewards and to encourage them when you see them being successful.  If you are able to incorporate similar wording into your homes, that would aid students throughout their school day.

    Thank you!


    Harrison Middle School & the PBIS team