AMI Activities

  • This year, the Harrison School District was approved by the state to provide alternate home learning activities for up to ten inclement weather days.  By using the home learning activities when schools are closed, we do not have to make up the inclement weather days.


    HSD Preschool Inclement Weather/Home Learning Activities


    • Provide real activities and ideas to talk, play, and learn together to encourage learning at home even when there is no school due to inclement weather (but you can also use these ideas any time)
    • Preschool does not use worksheets often, so the packet does not include any work pages
    • When returning to school after inclement weather days, children will be asked to share what they did at home, but there are no papers or work that need to be returned.


    What should my student do on Inclement Weather Days?


    Just like at school, preschool students should have:


    • Free play time (two or more hours)
    • Outdoor play time (at school they have one hour per day, weather permitting)
    • Breakfast, lunch and a snack
    • Rest time (about 90 minutes)


    In addition, please choose two or three of the Snowy Day or Thematic Activities from the packet listed below.