K-4 Attendance Areas

  • The Harrison School District operates three elementary schools, each of them serving different neighborhoods within the community. A student’s home address determines the school they will attend.


    A map of the K-4 attendance zones for Harrison Public Schools in Harrison, Arkansas.


    The map above is a visual representation of the attendance areas established in Board of Education Policy 4.1.1. It is not drawn to scale and does not show the entire district or every road, only a detailed area of where the boundaries meet. Each zone continues off the map to the district’s boundaries.


    As an example, though only portions of each street are shown, all district residents who live west of Cottonwood Road and north of Capps Road/State Highway 392 reside in the Skyline Heights zone.


    If you are unsure if you reside in the school district, call the Administration Building at 870-741-7600.


    PLEASE NOTE: In certain cases, a student may be assigned to attend a school other than the one for which they are zoned. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, when a class exceeds the Arkansas State Accreditation Standards for maximum class size. Consult Policy 4.1.1 for more details. The Board of Education may shift the boundary lines when it serves the best interest of most students.