What is an AMI day?

  • The Arkansas State Board of Education has granted Harrison School District a waiver for ten Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Digital Learning Days where learning can continue at home even when school is closed due to exceptional or emergency circumstances, including inclement weather.  Students in PK– 12th grades will have learning packets they are to complete so they can continue to learn at home.  By completing work at home on these inclement weather days, we will not have to “make up” these days at the end of the school year.  These days count as a full day of instruction for students and teachers. 


    Teachers will monitor their email during the AMI day for questions from students. We understand that in some cases, email and internet is not available. The packets have been designed to be completed without these services. Students will receive a packet or weblink with two days of instruction. In the event we have three or more days of inclement weather, students will be given an additional packet or weblink when school resumes. Please keep the packets in a safe place at home. Upon return to school, teachers will grade each student’s work and assign grades appropriately.  The completion of these packets/weblinks will constitute attendance and count toward the 178 instructional days.


    All packet/weblink information will also be posted on the school website, harrisongoblins.org. This link will also be shared through REMIND, Facebook, and other social media when an AMI day is announced. We are excited about this learning opportunity for our students.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.