School-Based Mental Health

  • School-Based Mental Health is defined as theraputic interventions and preventions for Harrison School District students and their families.


    The School-Based Mental Health program is designed to address many of the barriers to academic and social success for children. It encourages students to develop healthy coping skills for stress, anger management, depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues that can interfere with the educational process.


    The district provides licensed mental health professionals to serve on each of its six campuses at least one day per week. The providers are also on call to respond to emergency and crisis situations at each school.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the cost?

    • School-Based Mental Health services are provided at no cost to the family, regardless of income.


    How are services accessed?

    • The program works through a referral process. Referrals can be initiated by parents, teachers or school staff who believe a student is in need of more intensive services. For preschool students, the director and/or teacher will consult with the therapist to request possible assistance and behavior supports. For K-12 students, referrals are made through the school counselor at each campus. Once a referral is made, the School-Based Mental Health therapist will contact the student's parent or guardian to discuss services.
  • Our Staff


    Jana Mize, LMSW
    Serving Grades K-2 and Preschool
    870-741-0581 ext. 4012


    Denise Flowers, LCSW
    SBMH Coordinator
    Serving Grades 3-7
    870-741-7600, ext. 7016

    Beth Kennedy, LCSW
    Serving Grades 8-12
    870-741-8223, ext. 6067


    Deborah Burks




    Licensed Certified Social Worker


    Licensed Master Social Worker