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VIDEO: Harrison's Return-To-School Plan, Goals for 2020-21

JUNE 23, 2020 -- The Harrison School District today released the first in a series of inofrmational videos to help our community understand our goals and plans for a safe return to school this fall. Click or tap the play button below to watch the video.



The video outlines the district's campus realignment and conversion of the former Eagle Heights Elementary School into a central Harrison Kindergarten. The district will also be creating a new, off-site learning options for students that will be led by Harrison instructors.


“The Harrison staff has missed your student and we are eager to return to on-site instruction," said Dr. Stewart Pratt, superintendent of schools. "However, if you are a parent and you are concerned about your student attending school and receiving on-site instruction with other students, we are pleased to offer families a choice of on-site instruction or off-site instruction. Your child will be guided and led through their learning by a Harrison employee and receive high-quality instruction in an off-site method. If the off-site method interests you, more information will be provided at a later date.”