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Top Education Official Praises Harrison's Back-to-School Plan

JULY 28, 2020 — The state's top education official commended the Harrison School District's Back-to-School plan and its plan to transition the old Eagle Heights Elementary School into a central kindergarten.


Speaking to local media, Commissioner of Education Johnny Key complimented the district's robust Back-to-School plan, calling it one of the state's most "advanced."


"I want to compliment Harrison, Dr. Pratt and his team," Key told Coleman Taylor in an interview that aired on KHOZ. "I've looked at their plans. I know Dr. Pratt and his team have also rearranged some of the school structure, where now you're going to have kindergarteners in one school. That's going to be a bit of a change from the past.


"Also, the way he talks about having to be nimble in responding and in providing choices to parents on whether they want to go online or on-site. We're seeing that across the state. I wish I could say that every district was as advanced in their planning as Harrison was."


Watch the video below, and click or tap here to watch more videos about the district's back-to-school plan.